My Photography Shoots

If you would like me to come and take some photographs use
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March 20, 2017

Mrs. Whiskers

Mrs. Whiskers started out as Mr. Whiskers. As you can see from that icy stare she takes no prisoners. She is a stray that showed up alone but now has a forever home.

March 16th 2017

Kalessie and Khan

Kalessie lost her best friend Rookie and Khan has decided it is his duty now to give Kalessie enough to do that she doesn't feel lonely anymore.

March 9th 2017

Nashville Dog Park Trip

I love going to the dog park and taking photos. The dogs are so excited to be there. This day everyone got along great.

May 2, 2017


Zeus is an 11 year old service dog. He is a stunning german shepard and a great companion.

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